Vet Visits Don’t Have To Be Stressful

Once you arrive at Country Grove Veterinary Clinic, as soon as we can, we will welcome you into our feline-friendly Examination Room.  We have made changes to decrease the stress and provide a more calming environment for you and your cat.  Our staff are well trained in feline-friendly handling and have an understanding of feline specific behavior.  We also use snuggly blankets and aromatherapy specifically tailored to cats, to help give your cat a calmer visit, and increase the quality of care given.  

Coming Home and Keeping the Peace in a Multi-cat Household

Cats are very sensitive to smells, and unfamiliar smells can result in one cat no longer recognizing another. Help avoid problems cats perceiving the other as a stranger following a veterinary visit. Leave the returning cat in the carrier for a few minutes to see how all of your cats react. If you sense tension between the cats, or if previous home-comings have resulted in conflict, keep the cat in the carrier and take it to a separate room to avoid potential injury from an upset cat. Provide food, water, and litter box for a minimum of 24 hours while it regains the more familiar smell of home. A synthetic feline pheromone (Feliway®) can help provide the sense of familiarity.

For Future visits:
  • Use familiar bedding or clothing with your scent, as it retains the smell of home and helps with re-introduction.  Use the feline pheromone, Feliway.
  • Bring both cats to the vet together.  This can help prevent future conflict as both cats will carry the scent of the clinic and car trip.